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Acustrip Products for Brake Fluid

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ACUSTRIP 6000 Series

Use Acustrip 6000 Series Test Strips to check for moisture in brake fluid. Moisture in brake fluids can reduce braking capacity and present a safety hazard. More Info . . .

ACUSTRIP 8000 Series

The ACUSTRIP 8000 Series (ACUTEST-2) is a valuable tool in the assessment of both coolant quality and moisture in brake fluid. Each ACUTEST-2 set includes a coolant test strip (1550), a brake fluid moisture test (6000) and customer care card to record and report the results to the customer. More Info . . .

ACUSTRIP Low Levels Wear Metals Test

Easily identify the level of wear metals in Antifreeze Coolant, Crank Case Oil, and Differential Oil, Power Steering, Brake and Transmission Fluid. The level of the Total Wear Metals, presence and degree, are identified within a minute. More Info . . .

ACUSTRIP Brake Fluid pH Test

Use the Acustrip 61000 Series Test Strips to check for pH of in service DOT 3, DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 brake fluid. Through regular monitoring, identifying an acidic brake fluid environment is likely to catch an issue before it results in costly brake component failure. More Info . . .

ACUSTRIP Automotive Service Label Inspection Kit

Make informed decisions about fluid services. Improve trust, reduce unscheduled service and improve vehicle service life. Inspections are provided on site consistently and quickly.
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