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Moisture Test for Brake Fluid

Use Acustrip ACU6000 Series Test Strips to check for moisture in brake fluid. Moisture in brake fluids can reduce braking capacity and present a safety hazard. While many Automotive Manufacturers recommend changing of brake fluids every two years, assessing their condition at each PM or oil change is viewed as the best way to prevent premature brake system damage due to corrosion. Even in sealed automotive brake systems, brake fluid will absorb one percent or more moisture every year simply from opening the reservoir to check fluid level, opening the bleeders, and through microscopic pores in the rubber hoses. DOT specifications limits water content to less than 3.7 percent. Kit includes Pipette and Vial.

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ACUTEST-2 Coolant Quality and Brake Fluid Moisture Test

The ACUSTRIP 8000 Series (ACUTEST-2) is a valuable tool in the assessment of both coolant quality and moisture in brake fluid. The ACUTEST2 allows you to conveniently and affordably perform the tests at each PM or oil change. Most cars do not meet minimum requirements for moisture in brake fluid. In fact, in Europe where brake fluid checks are required, more than half the cars routinely fail the tests. Each ACUTEST-2 set includes a coolant test strip (ACU1550), a brake fluid moisture test (ACU6000) and customer care card to record and report the results to the customer. The specific ranges are as follows:
  • RA < 3 - 10 +,
  • pH < 5 - 11 +,
  • Glycol 0 - 60%
  • Presence of Moisture in Brake Fluid
Increase your service ticket and inspire confidence in your customers with the use of the ACUTEST-2 strips and customer care card.

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ACUSTRIP Brake Fluid pH Test
pH Test for In Service Brake Fluid

Use the Acustrip ACU61000 Series Test Strips to check for pH of in service brake fluid. Through regular monitoring, identifying an acidic brake fluid environment is likely to catch an issue before it results in costly brake component failure. Service providers can identify often missed service needs through regular fluid condition monitoring. Make Fluid Inspection part of the regular service.

ACU61000 Brake Fluid pH tests are available in a dispenser (100 tests) ready for pegboard display or a bottle (70 Tests). The dispenser or bottle stores easily. There is little spoilage risk.

The ACU61000 Series pH test is the perfect companion to the ACU6000 Series moisture test. You should check your brake fluid for moisture and pH at every service interval.

The ACUSTRIP test strips comply with MAP, ASTM, and SAE standards.

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