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ACUSTRIP 711254 Series
Antifreeze Coolant Test for ATF

The Acustrip 711254 Series of test strips is a highly unique, quick and affordable measure of the presence of antifreeze coolant in automatic transmission fluid (ATF). The contamination of automatic transmission fluid with antifreeze has become a growing problem in the automotive industry. The much in demand 711254 responds to our customer's needs by providing a quick and easy test to detect from 0 to 6% antifreeze coolant. In addition to the retail packaging offered on our web site, large quantity strips with customized test kits can be special ordered by OEMs and service managers.

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ACU987600 Series
Ethanol in Fuel Test

The Acustrip (987600) Ethanol in Fuel Test is used to detect the percentage of Ethanol in gasoline. The risk of affecting your vehicle warranty exists as extra ethanol can corrode plastic, rubber, and metal parts in engines that are not built to handle it. Protect your investment by avoiding this risk by testing your fuel with the Acustrip Ethanol in Fuel Test Kit. The kit contains everything your need, while the refills provide an economical way to conduct multiple tests.

The ACU987600 test is part of our AcuTest line designed specifically to address the need for testing various fluids besides antifreeze coolant. The same quality and reliability you have come to expect in our coolant test strips can be found in our entire AcuTest line of products.

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Acustrip Accessories
Acustrip Accessories for Easy and Accurate Testing

Fluid analysis data has a wealth of benefits for those who utilize it properly. Be sure that you are getting the most accurate and most easily obtained results by using Acustrip's clean automotive fluid sampling tools. Our vials, syringes and tubing are specifically designed to work with Acustrip test strips to provide fast, accurate and easy results whether you are testing coolant, brake fluid, diesel exhaust or a wide array of other automotive fluids. Acustrip's versatile Dip Clip is pictured to the left.

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Hand Held Refractometer for Multiple Fluids
Hand Held Refractometer for Antifreeze, Battery Fluid and DEF

This All-in-One instrument is a Refractometer designed for testing the integrity (concentration) of the battery electrolyte, antifreeze coolant liquids for both ethylene and propylene glycol, cleaning fluids and diesel emission fluid (DEF).

The 875700 Refractometer is suitable for testing Antifreeze Coolant, Battery Fluid, Windshield Washer and DEF. Distributors are invited to apply for Distributor Volume Discount (6 cases of 12ea).

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ACUSTRIP Low Levels Wear Metals Test
Test Most Fluids for Wear Metals

Easily identify the level of wear metals in Antifreeze Coolant, Crank Case Oil, and Differential Oil, Power Steering, and Transmission Fluid (not including brake fluid). The level of the Total Wear Metals, presence and degree, are identified within a minute.

When used regularly, the Acustrip Metals Test® allows technicians and operators to trend wear on engines and equipment component parts. Any abnormal presence of the metals allows for immediate corrective action. The results are less maintenance costs, higher operating efficiencies and increase in engine and component life. The value of the product is significant, particularly when laboratory testing is inaccessible or cost and time prohibitive.

The ACU70003 kit comes complete in Cases of 12 Bottles of 50 Tests with 12 sample bottles and pipettes to enable quick, easy testing in the field. The ACU70032 includes one bottle of 50 of our innovative two fluids at once strips for 100 tests (includes pipette and vial).

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ACUSTRIP Bacteria/Mold Test
Test For the Presence of Bacteria and Mold

ACUSTRIP offers a quick, convenient and affordable way to assure the health and comfort of drivers and passengers by providing the innovative Bacteria/Mold Detection Test. The Acustrip 84050 mold test provides on the spot® fast, easy and reliable detection for the presence of mold.

One simple dip and read test can easily detect the presence of mold or bacteria. The Acustrip 84050 mold test should be used at each oil change or preventative service visit.

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ACUSTRIP Moisture Test
Test For the Presence of Moisture in Oils

Contamination of fluids is very common. Contamination can cause numerous problems. Water, air, dirt, fuel, and other hydraulic oils or lubricants can all act as forms of contamination.

Identification of the presence of water and or the presence of corrosion products is important to maintain the integrity of the vehicle components. Water breaks down oil-additive packages, forms acids that corrode metal surfaces and, in mineral-based oils, supports oxidation. For example hydraulic oil containing just 0.1% water by volume can cut bearing life in half.

The ACUSTRIP 40002 Moisture Test provides a quick, easy and affordable way to test your vehicle and equipment regularly and avoid costly repairs and lost performance.

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