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ACUSTRIP Moisture Test

40002 Moisture Test Foils 30 per pkg - Case of 24 - $720.00

Test For the Presence of Moisture in Oils

Contamination of fluids is very common. Contamination can cause numerous problems. Water, air, dirt, fuel, and other hydraulic oils or lubricants can all act as forms of contamination.

Identification of the presence of water and or the presence of corrosion products is important to maintain the integrity of the vehicle components. Water breaks down oil-additive packages, forms acids that corrode metal surfaces and, in mineral-based oils, supports oxidation. For example hydraulic oil containing just 0.1% water by volume can cut bearing life in half.

The ACUSTRIP 40002 Moisture Test provides a quick, easy and affordable way to test your vehicle and equipment regularly and avoid costly repairs and lost performance.

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