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Acustrip Products for Glycerin-Based Coolant


CLEARANCE SPECIAL: List $167 - SALE $129 (while supplies last). The Acustrip DCR500 can measure both Ethylene and Propylene based coolant/antifreeze mixtures very accurately. This refractometer is the perfect companion to the use of Acustrip test strips. More Info . . .

ACUSTRIP 711254 Series

The Acustrip 711254 Series of test strips is a highly unique, quick and affordable measure of the presence of antifreeze coolant in automatic transmission fluid (ATF). The much in demand 711254 responds to our customer's needs by providing a quick and easy test to detect from 0 to 6% antifreeze coolant. More Info . . .

ACUSTRIP Low Levels Wear Metals Test

Easily identify the level of wear metals in Antifreeze Coolant, Crank Case Oil, and Differential Oil, Power Steering, and Transmission Fluid (not including brake fluid). The level of the Total Wear Metals, presence and degree, are identified within a minute. More Info . . .