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ACUSTRIP 711254 Series

AF Coolant in ATF 10 Foil Strips with Instruction Key - $25.00
AF Coolant in ATF Bottle of 50 Strips - $50.00
AF Coolant in ATF 10 Foil Strips with Instruction Key - 25 Packages In a POP Display - $625.00

Antifreeze Coolant Test for ATF

The Acustrip 711254 test is a unique, easy to use, quick and affordable way to detect the presence of antifreeze coolant in fluids such as automatic transmission (ATF), and oil. The contamination of a vehicle's fluid with antifreeze has become a growing problem in the automotive industry. This test responds to our customer's needs by providing detection of antifreeze coolant. With proper sampling of the fluids, the 711254 detects the presence of antifreeze coolant.

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